commercial propertiesCompanies need a good retail space to sell their products and/or services to their customers. Without it, there is simply no avenue for you to sell and in business zero sales means no profit. No one would want that of course. Moreover, the location and overall appeal of the space can make or break your business. So how do you pick out the best retail investments for sale among the pile? Take a look at the following characteristics to get an idea.

Characteristic # 1: Accessibility – You want people to flock to your doorstep and buy your products or hire your services. This will be exceptionally hard if your retail space is hardly accessible. Getting a property that is as close to the people as possible will be beneficial. The same is true for those that are in close proximity to significant establishments like residential areas, office spaces, educational institutions and transportation hubs.

Characteristic # 2: Safety and Security – This is for your sake, your customers, your employees and your assets. Find an area with a low crime rate and one that has minimal instances of flood, fire, earthquake and other natural calamities. This is averting the risks that come should those instances occur.

Characteristic # 3: Parking Availability – Customers hate it when parking space is inadequate or worse if there isn’t any at all. It’s inconvenient and will likely have them driving past your shop instead of getting in and making a purchase.

Characteristic # 4: Adequate Space – Depending on what you plan to do with the place, it has to have adequate space and area. Everyone has to move. There should be room for your goods and for everyone to move around without any trouble.

Characteristic # 5: Ventilation – This one’s pretty obvious. You want air to breathe and you need enough ventilation to keep the place cool enough. You do not want your customers to sweat around. Even with air conditioning units, this is still a must. Besides, everyone loves windows.

Characteristic # 6: Sanitation – Regardless of the type of business you are in, sanitation is a priority. No one wants bugs and rodents running around. You should also check for the pipes and drainage system of the building or property.

Characteristic # 7: Useful Life – When buying a retail investments for sale, always consider the remaining useful life. This number denotes the estimated years of the property’s usage. The longer it is the better.

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